View Full Version : Baja post (saw Johns mention of Baja and reminded me...)

24-Jan-2008, 17:01
So, I know if this place in Baja that has probably never seen a LF camera. It is not close, is exceedingly tricky to get to, has some 'unique obstacles' and is damned gorgeous. Kind of a Mexican version of Big Sur, sort of.

It is in BCS, is on the pacific, is not really close to anything (SW Guerrero Negro and East of Bahia Tortugas). Google Earth shows a road leading out there but in all reality, there is no road at all. You need a high clearance truck, a way to deflate and inflate your tires due to soft sand, lots of food and water, and some cajones.

The last time I was there I found a 8 foot diameter old growth cedar from the Pac. NW, unexploded navy ordnance, and a 300 + year old spanish galleon.

Im updating my archive right now so I will post pics soon. PM me for directions.

John Kasaian
24-Jan-2008, 18:23
How cool is that!

24-Jan-2008, 19:24
Ok, here is an image on the way out there. That 'road' you see is loose sugar sand that is a good 8-10" deep - not easy to drive. That and the 'road' disappears right around that bluff.

Jorge Gasteazoro
24-Jan-2008, 23:19
Hollis.... cajones is drawers... :) Not much use for them on the road... But it seems you found a great place.

27-Jan-2008, 02:43
Ah, my spanish is laughable at best. So, no cajones, how about balls of steel?