View Full Version : Baja Yosemite moves closer to LA!

John Kasaian
24-Jan-2008, 13:25
With the Grape Vine closed by heavy snow, I wonder how many Southern California LFer's are planning to shoot in the Tehachepi mountains? At work this morning I was looking up at the Sierra Nevada foothills all spiffied up in snow and thought how neat it would be to be out there. With snow so close to LA right now thats got to be attractive to some of you on the other side of the hill.
So who is out to bag "Clearing Storm Over Magic Mountain?"

25-Jan-2008, 13:37
"Clearing Storm Over Magic Mountain?"

:) :) :) that's funny!

25-Jan-2008, 14:58
Yeah, i saw the snow covered hills in Gorman and i wanted to go really bad but the freeway was closed til this morning and i don't feel like getting stuck up there when they close it again. Mighty tempting. Snow at Pyramid lake looks good to.
Hwy 2 in the angeles national forest is on the agenda though. I went twice after the last storm cuz it looked so cool. I actually ran into another large format shooter up there too. First time i've ever seen one around here.

Jim Galli
25-Jan-2008, 19:02
People take pictures of snow?? :confused: :confused:

Jim Fitzgerald
25-Jan-2008, 20:58
The unfortunate thing about this is the next storm coming in is going to be a warm one. Snow level at about 7,000 feet. I'm going to try to get up into the Ojai mountains but the road may be closed due to slides. Good luck.


25-Jan-2008, 21:26
Avalanche claims 1 in L.A. county near Wrightwood.

25-Jan-2008, 23:32
(snip....) Snow at Pyramid lake (...snip)

Hmm, hadn't thought of that. Seems like it would almost be a spiritual experience to see snow at pyramid lake.

I wonder if that is what Jim Morrison was talking about?