View Full Version : PMK with Deionized Water?

kev curry
24-Jan-2008, 10:31
I'm eager to mix up a batch of PMK stock solution but I cant seem to source distilled water! Would Deionized water be a suitable alternative?

Eric Woodbury
24-Jan-2008, 10:58
DI or RO (reverse osmosis) are fine. Rain water, too. I mention that because we just had 6" of that fall and more coming.

Keith Pitman
24-Jan-2008, 11:01
You can usually find distilled water at the grocery store or WalMart.

kev curry
24-Jan-2008, 14:19
Tried various grocery stores buy no luck. I can pick up deionized at the auto shop.
Rain water......now thats a cheap option.
Thanks for that.

24-Jan-2008, 16:10
Hi Kev,

go for the dionised as rainwater is not always "pure". Ever noticed the number of pigeons, sparrows, starlings etc :)

Also the rainwater will pick up traces of metals from the gutters or the roof. Form acids from the atmosphere and the tank, depending on the material may even add to the "contamination" of your PMK. PMK is sensitive to metal contamination.

For all grain full mash beer making though my rainwater seems to have just the right combination of the above ingredients :)

kev curry
25-Jan-2008, 03:25
Cheers Steve deionized it is then.
That pigeon starling sparrow shit with metal mix, full mash beer, sounds like the stuff to put hairs on a mans chest, do you let the wife drink it?:D

25-Jan-2008, 04:36
you'd be very surprised at the water quality used for beer making early last century. But a good 90 minute boil with hops and other good stuff turns most things in the water into yeast nutrient and the yeast turn the rest into alcohol. beer was considered a very safe drink because of the boiling.

I'd still use the deionised water though for the PMK :)

I intend to brew a very nice Scottish 80 shilling this weekend minus the pigeon sh@t etc :)

kev curry
25-Jan-2008, 05:58
Not had the pleasure of a good home brew in years Steve. 80 shillings a great beer but Mc Ewans Export is a personal favorite:)
Good luck with the brew

Tim Curry
25-Jan-2008, 13:35
Rain water from a clean plastic drape would be fine to use, just a low corner into a jug would work. Please, don't use good beer to mix your developer, there are limits to good photography, but this sacrifice is too much to ask. tim

kev curry
25-Jan-2008, 14:07
Tim do you know if your Forefathers came from Belfast?
Stab in the dark!

Tim Curry
25-Jan-2008, 14:22
Kev, not exactly sure, but I do know it was somewhere in northern Ireland in the mid 1800's. My grandmother's place in Pennsylvania was named Kilowen or something like that, does it ring any bells? Who knows, its a small world. Best, tim

kev curry
25-Jan-2008, 14:49
That doesn't ring any bells Tim. The name Curry with that spelling is pretty rare in my experience, in fact the ones I know are all mostly my own folks. I sometimes think about my own decedents of times past who fled Eire for the then distant shores of America and wonder......
A small world getting smaller.
best kev