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caleb c
23-Jan-2008, 15:02
I'm still relatively new to LF photography no doubt that I've owned a simple LF setup for a number of months now.

One of the major draws to this site was that an acquaintance of mine introduced to me charmonix cameras. When he showed me what they actually were, I just had to wow at that.

Now, I guess I would most likely be saving up for one and ask Hugo to order one for me.

Walter Calahan
23-Jan-2008, 15:55
The secret is whatever system you use, use it for your total enjoyment.

caleb c
23-Jan-2008, 19:30
Can't disagree with that statement.

The reason for the chamonix is that I would like to use something light that can be used on the field.

24-Jan-2008, 09:57
Welcome to the forum, greetings from Hermosillo, Mexico!

Ralph Barker
24-Jan-2008, 10:47
Welcome, Caleb.

26-Jan-2008, 10:57
Hi Caleb, Hope one day you will shoot 8x10 with me. Cheers and take care.

26-Jan-2008, 18:50
Hi, Caleb. After over forty years of shooting, I thought I knew a fair bit until I joined this forum earlier this year. Now I feel like I'm playing in the big leagues with the real pros.

You definitely came to the right place.



John Kasaian
26-Jan-2008, 23:11
Welcome aboard, Caleb!