View Full Version : Chamonix, Shen Hao, Philips Construction

A Charles
23-Jan-2008, 11:37
In another post about the Chamonix 8x10 camera there are photos of the Chamonix drive screw setup. I have been studing this same setup on my Shen Hao FCL-810a for some time now. For anyone wanting to build there on view camera you should study the photos of the lead screw and linear rail setup for the Chamonix, some Shen Hao's, and I guess the Philips also. All of the parts neccesssary to utilize this type of construction are fairly easily available on the internet. Lead screws, ball screws, linear rails, bearing rails are used for many different positioning applications such as robotics, cnc routers, and I guess hundreds of other applications.The linear rails on my Shen Hao are manufactured by a company called Hiwin. To buy some of these parts from the original manufacture could be fairly expensive but since the use of these parts is so wide spread you can find a lot of the parts through surplus venders for much less than there original cost. As far as the lead screw you could probably make do with a cheap ACME lead screw which is very inexpensive. I have an old Korona 8x20 thats not very stable and have thought about trying to convert it to this drive screw linear rail type setup. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried to build a camera around this setup or comments in general about this type of construction.

23-Jan-2008, 12:45
Hey if you could find a el cheapo source of hardware, let me know. Because I can do woodwork, but not machining, but it would be awesome to make my own camera.

Anybody remember Bender?