View Full Version : rodenstock 210 YSAR lens

Henry Butler
17-Feb-2001, 19:10
I just purchased a rodenstock 210 YSAR lens on ebay.This has no shutter I will s ee if Steve Grimes can adapt one but wanted to ask if anyone had any info on thi s lens. I never heard of it,I currently shoot a 203 Ektar on 5x7 and love it but got the 210 rodenstock for only 85.00. Any info will be greatly appreciated,THA NKS .

mitch rosen
18-Feb-2001, 00:26
This older lens is of the tessar design. It may work well but unless Mr. Grimes can put it into a used shutter very inexpensively I question whether it would be a cost effective thing to do. You might be able to pick up an 8.5 inch commercial ektar or a used 210 geronar for less money. Currently, you buy a brand new 210 caltar IIE (geronar) in a copal 1 shutter for only $320 at calumet!

Robert A. Zeichner
18-Feb-2001, 12:12
Your 203 f7.7 Ektar is a wonderful lens and will be hard to beat. It has near apochromatic performance! I'd be more tempted to pay someone like Steve Grimes to put IT into a modern shutter!