View Full Version : bi-post to 1/4 jack plug flash connector

21-Jan-2008, 16:11
Does anyone know of a supplier in the uk of a flash sync lead I need in order to connect my kodak commercial ektar (which has two prongs on it) to a bowens monolight (which has a standard 1/4 inch jack plug?

I assume this is called a 'bi-post' connector?

short of ordering a custom made one from Paramount in the usa, not sure what to do.

I've searched the net in vain..

Any help appreciated.


Ralph Barker
21-Jan-2008, 16:51
Many electric shavers use the same bi-post arrangement at the shaver end of the cord. Here in the U.S. the other end of the shaver cord is a US household plug - the same as used on many flash units (here, at least).

21-Jan-2008, 19:35
In the US, Paulcbuff.com, the makers of the white lightning flash systems, have the SCX cord which is the 1/4' plug to female household plug. It is about $10.00US. All you need from there is the bi-post to male household sync cord which are relatively easy to find.

Gene McCluney
22-Jan-2008, 10:31
The critical thing is the bipost connection. Most ready made bipost sync cords have a US Household plug on the other end. You can make an adaptor cord, any length you want with parts you can easily get at a place like Radio Shack or other small electronic parts vendors. You need an inline US receptical, and an RCA Phone plug, and however much 2 conductor wire you want to put in between them.