View Full Version : Calgarians...who wants free chems and containers ?

Fred L
21-Jan-2008, 12:01
Was in town for a couple of days and was processing some film while here. I'll be leaving cowtown Tuesday, so if anyone wants two new 3.8l Data Container jugs, one has about a litre of HC 110 stock left in it, and the other Ilford Rapid Fix (1:4 mix)

Fix had about equivalent of 17 sheets of 8x10 run through it.

contact me thru lff (leave name and contact #) and I'll leave info where it can be picked up (Tuesday only).


Ron Bose
21-Jan-2008, 12:06
Hey Fred,
Bring it back home to Ontario with you and I'll take it LOL ...

Fred L
21-Jan-2008, 12:18
you pay for the fedex shipping and they're yours lol !! :D

Bloody freezing out here it was,brr.

Fred L
21-Jan-2008, 12:19
Eric Rose wins the fastest keyboard contest !

Eric Rose
21-Jan-2008, 12:24
I knew that typing class I took in grade 12 would come in handy. Of course that was 34 years ago! What a wait LOL.

21-Jan-2008, 12:39
Where'd you buy them? I can't ever seem to find them locally.

Ron Bose
21-Jan-2008, 12:56
It's minus -15 deg C here in Southern Ontario today !

Fred L
21-Jan-2008, 16:45
Well funny you should ask Walter....I got them when I was up in Edmonton at McBain. Not a large selection and I really only needed the 2 l ones but that was all they had.

Thecamerastore on 11th had a pretty good selection of darkroom supplies but can't remember seeing containers there. They did have this reallly nice coolscan 5400 (?) but that would cost a lot to bring back ;) Lotsa used stuff which had me nose up against the glass for awhile.

I feel fortunate to have access to some decent stores in Toronto but even Henry's darkroom section is quite pathetic now. Best places to get stuff now is here, that auction site or the local camera shows that pop up in the spring.

I'll probably clean up my darkroom soon and see what's redundant. Better get those keyboards loosened up when I do.