View Full Version : Bellows for 5*4

21-Jan-2008, 08:58
I am making up a 5*4 view camera and need to know the dimensions required for the bellows so I can get one made. I don't have one to copy from.
Can some kind person out there post me the same.
I need 1 Internal and external dimensions...big end.
2 Internal and external....small end
3 Number of folds.
This would be to accommodate lens from 60 to 150mm.


Gene McCluney
22-Jan-2008, 01:26
You need to construct some bellows frames...for front and back standards. Then decide how long you want the bellows. Send the frames to a bellows maker, and tell them the length you want. They should be able to make one from this.

Carsten Wolff
22-Jan-2008, 18:31
.....or just get a new-old stock type bellows from one of the established brands. That way you have always a starting point should things go not as planned :) . There's plenty out there and cheaper than gettting one custom made, too.