View Full Version : Screw on filter size for 90mm Angulon

Bill Brady
9-Dec-2000, 07:55

I am about to order a screw on lens cover and step ring for my Angulon 90mm f/6. 8. Measuring shows about 40mm. I don't want to make a mistake because the step r ing is $27.43! Is 40.5 the size I need?


9-Dec-2000, 13:09
A 40.5 fits my lens perfectly. For $27.43 I hope you're at least buying a Heliopan ring, aluminum ones are a lot cheaper. Matter-of- fact Heliopan ones are also if you use the following vendor


He sells Schneiders at about half of the U.S. price - Heliopan rings go for about 30% of B&H's listed price.