View Full Version : Is Schneider Xenar 150mm 4.5 a good used lens?

Keith A. Dunlop
8-Dec-2000, 19:21
More help on putting my 4x5 test rig together . . .

Is a Schneider 150mm Xenar 4.5 lens a good buy at $145.00 with lens board and re taining ring. It is missing the cable release terminal; Is this a problem? Easy fix? Also, any thoughts on optics? I want the best "affordable" optics so I get a true sense of my picture taking abilities with a 4x5.

Many thanks in advance for responses!

dave bulmer
9-Dec-2000, 02:48
You should really be asking yourself why it is missing the cable release terminal. If it has been dropped or knocked there may be other damage that isn't so visible. Personally, I always expose using a cable release so I would be inclined to think twice.

Doug Paramore
9-Dec-2000, 12:22
Keith: The lens is a good normal and has enough coverage for some movements on 4x5. I have one and use it quite often. It is primarily a Tessar formula four element lens. It is quite sharp. I kind of agree with Dave. I would like to know why it is missing the cable release socket. That is not easily replaced and will require some dissassembly of the shutter. It might not be easy to find another release socket. It could be a bad shutter that someone has robbed a part off of. You will need a cable release with 4x5 if you want to do any serious work. You can find a Xenar in good condition with all the parts for the same money if you look a bit. Personally, I would be afraid of this lens if I didn't know its history. That missing cable release is a red flag.


Keith A. Dunlop
9-Dec-2000, 14:42
Thank you all.

You've convinced me to look around for another lens. I'm actually looking at Schneider Symmar's and Rodenstock Sironar's now since it appears I can pick one of those up for about another $100.00 or so used.

Thanks again.