View Full Version : Lens performace comparison Nikkor 210 W vs. Symmar-S

Tom Reymolds
8-Dec-2000, 16:42
Any edge in performance of one over the other ? Both similar in price range use d (Nikkor still available new as well), both very good coverage for 5X7, and bot h fairly fast at f/5.6. Symmar-S is much heavier though. Any opinions ?

Ellis Vener
8-Dec-2000, 17:34
the Nikon 210 W-Nikkor is a terrific lens, and yes it is still availible.

Donald Brewster
8-Dec-2000, 19:31
I concur with Ellis. I currently own and use the Nikkor W f/5.6 210mm lens as well as the f/9 90mm SW. Both the Nikkor and the Symmar-S are outstanding performers, but tilted to the Nikkor since weight was an issue in my choice. Other than weight, I don't know that one has a particular performance edge over the other. Take a look at Kerry Thalmann's page at http://largeformat.homepage.com/