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15-Jan-2008, 23:18
I emailed Lowepro today asking about a case/bag that might hold 4x5 film holders that would be "sliplock" compatible and strap onto the outside of their bags.

Here is the response:

Dear David,
We do make the non-padded Trekker DayPack II, which can attach to the
back exterior of the Photo Trekker AW and Photo Trekker AW II. It's
specifically designed for film holders. We've just not had enough
demand for a product specifically for film holders.

Maury Cohen, Product Specialist
Lowepro US
1003 Gravenstein Highway North, Suite 200
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Ph 707.827.4073

I was thinking of something that would hold 5 holders or so and fit nicely on the outside of their bags.

If you think you might want something like this, email the guy at mcohen@lowepro.com

Frank Petronio
15-Jan-2008, 23:22
http://kgear.com/ is better quality and they make such a case. You can even talk to the owner/designer...

15-Jan-2008, 23:30
I did not know about their stuff. Thanks.

Gordon Moat
16-Jan-2008, 00:50
The LowePro 60AW Slip-Lock Pouch will hold regular 4x5 holders. However, LowePro do not make anything that will hold Readyload/Quickload holders, nor the Polaroid 545, nor the Polaroid 550 pack film holder.

I have their DayPack add-on. It is light and versatile, though there are no internal separations, so anything put into the bag is free to move around. I don't really think that is much good for lots of film holders, though it could work okay.

The Kinesis F500 (http://www.kgear.com/f/F500.html?PHPSESSID=4094bc5caaf8c51021303333c7873548) is one item you might want to consider. Compare that to the LowePro SlipLock Pouch 60AW (http://products.lowepro.com/product/SlipLock%E2%84%A2-Pouch%2060%20AW,2041.htm) for something similar in size.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

Baxter Bradford
16-Jan-2008, 06:11
I've got a Lowepro cuboid sliplock S&F Utility Pouch that holds 9 5x4 DDS (10 at a squeeze). However the velcro is liable to part on rough terrain with a full load. Could easily supplement this with another method of fastening.

Quickload holder and film go inside the Supertrekker. Can add nore in netting behind padded top cover if need be. Tend not to use the day pack for gear.

David A. Goldfarb
16-Jan-2008, 06:16
There's a guy who goes by "ted.b" on eBay who made some belt packs for me for Grafmatics (also work for a 545 back, Kinematics, and regular filmholders) and for my 5x7" Graflex bag mags. He was easy to work with and affordable. I told him what I wanted, and he sent me prototypes, took them back when they weren't quite right and produced a decent product for my needs, and then he had a new pattern that he could offer to other customers.

Steve Barber
16-Jan-2008, 10:06
These work well.


They have velcro straps at the top and bottom of each side and will hold up to six 4x5 film holders. Sew D rings to wherever you want to attach them using the straps.

Gordon Moat
16-Jan-2008, 12:35
There's a guy who goes by "ted.b" on eBay .....

I got my focusing hood tube dark cloth from him; great product. I had no idea he did bags too. Thanks for the tip.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

Dave Parker
16-Jan-2008, 13:10
If I remember correctly Kevin Saitta(kjsphotography) also makes film holder bags...


John Bowen
16-Jan-2008, 13:13
I've used Kevin Saitta for my ULF film bag. GREAT Bag!

16-Jan-2008, 14:03
Photobackpacker has a component that will hold 8 4X5 film holders, but I don't know how well it would work for exterior attachment. They're very Velcro oriented.

I have another idea, though they aren't designed for film. Side pockets (http://www.gregorypacks.com/accessorie_detail.php?ID=5) or larger crampon pockets (http://www.gregorypacks.com/accessorie_detail.php?ID=3) like this are designed to attach to a pack and are made by many technical pack makers. They are a little bigger than a 4X5 film holder, but are light. I have an old mountainsmith one roughly the size of the crampon pocket, but with a side zip.