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15-Jan-2008, 18:37
Is it possible (or desirable) to mount a 30cm f4.5 Voigtlander Heliar in a Compound shutter on a board for use on a Master Technika 4x5? I know it is a pretty big lens (like really big) for the camera, but if it is in some way possible to do, I would like to try. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Ole Tjugen
16-Jan-2008, 00:36
I haven't owned a 30cm Heliar, but I know that it's exactly as wide as a 300mm f:4.5 Xenar, and slightly longer and heavier. The Xenar is the one on the camera I'm holding in my avatar, and that's on a 5x7" Technika!

You would have to make an extension board since the shutter is larger than your lens board, which brings all that weight and momentum out in front of the front panel. The shutter is a Compound V/12-II, so the diameter of the lens cells is at least 86mm. That leaves not a lot of room for the lensboard adapter...

Peter K
16-Jan-2008, 01:26
Once I've purchased a Symmar 360mm in Compound V mounted on a Technika 4x5" lens board. An aluminium tube with the inner diameter and lenght of the rear cell was mounted on the lens board. So it should also work with a Heliar 300mm because this lens has a smaller rear cell.

Now the Symmar 360mm is mounted on a Technika 5x7 lensboard because it`s easier to use a Tele-Xenar 360mm with the Technika 4x5".

Peter K

Ole Tjugen
16-Jan-2008, 01:34
Peter, are you sure that was a 360mm Symmar and not a 300mm? AFAIK the diameter of the rear cell of a 360mm Symmar is 100mm, which is more than the 99mm width of a Technika lens board...

I have both 300mm and 360mm Symmars, and I just can't imagine putting the 360 on a Technika board! The 300mm would be bad enough, but at least possible.

Peter K
16-Jan-2008, 01:53
Yes, I'm sure. I've the lens and the lensboard, because it's such a strange thing. (not the lens, but the mount)

As I've mentioned before now the lens is mounted for use with a Kardan 8x10".

Peter K

David A. Goldfarb
16-Jan-2008, 07:18
If you do a search on "verito" and "Technika", you should turn up a thread on the SK Grimes solution for big lenses on small lensboards that I posted a while back.