View Full Version : Grafmatic lubrication.

15-Jan-2008, 06:22
I have several grafmatics most of which are a bit grindy when operated. They work well and the septum's are flat. It's just the aluminium that is pretty well rubbed. So apart from flattening out the backs what other overhaul procedures should one pursue along with easing the grind with some form of lubricant. silicon? spray Teflon? Ideas.

15-Jan-2008, 06:56
Anything liquid is out of the question. Consider plain graphite, but only in tiny amounts to avoid graphite dust inside the septums.

Chauncey Walden
15-Jan-2008, 09:29
A greaseless bicycle chain lubricant, like Ice Wax, works great

Bjorn Nilsson
15-Jan-2008, 09:41
I use a light spray of teflon in mine. Make sure that you use it sparingly and only where there's friction, nowhere else.
Then, just leave to dry for a day or so and you'll be fine.

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15-Jan-2008, 10:44
A touch of (American) paraffin wax. (Not English paraffin -- that's what Americans call Kerosene.)

Iskra 2
15-Jan-2008, 19:02
Wipe/rub contact areas with wax paper.

Maris Rusis
15-Jan-2008, 19:23
For years I have run several 4x5 Grafmatics and use a lube sequence that sounds extreme but works (so far, fingers crossed) without fail.

The entire Grafmatic is sprayed, inside and out, with RP-7 or WD-40 or some other light lubricant to the point of saturation. After several hours of draining excess oil the parts of the Grafmatic that my fingers touch are cleaned. The parts that the film touches are cleaned too.

Everything else is left as greasy and sticky as possible. This ensures lubrication for the moving parts. In addition the oily surfaces catch and keep any internal dust generated by the film changing mechanism.