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14-Jan-2008, 20:25
I was searching on B&H for chemistry for C-41.
two kits available,


anyone had experience with these?

14-Jan-2008, 22:59
If you have the volume forget the kits. Buy the bottles aimed at mini-labs. You'll save money. Get fresher product.

14-Jan-2008, 23:16
I just have a box of nps, the last pro lab in town went out business a few months ago. Many Kodak chemistry can not be shipped due to some regulation.

15-Jan-2008, 00:21
If you have any relationship with a local lab you can see if they will add a few bottles to their order for you. The beauty of mini-lab chemicals is it's being used in every machine.

15-Jan-2008, 05:33
Simply order from Adorama instead. They will ship the Kodak chemistry where B&H will not. I've gotten two batches from them in the last two months with no problems. B&H for some reason will not ship most liquid chemistry,Adorama will.

Henry Ambrose
15-Jan-2008, 07:17
I've used the first kit with good results.
I thought Tetenal was no longer imported into the U. S. - guess I was wrong.

15-Jan-2008, 10:14
I would avoid the Tetenal press kit at all costs. My experience with it is a cyan cast in all negs making it nearly impossible to print. I've heard this is due to the combined bleach/fix, but don't know if that is true. I do know when I ran the Kodak kit with the same batch of film and enlarger the cyan cast disappeared and it printed perfectly. The Kodak kit uses separate bleach and fix so it may be true.

15-Jan-2008, 10:38
It's actually cheaper per liter to get the Tetenal 5 liter from B&H right now. Go ahead and order it up.

There's nothing wrong with the chemistry itself. It makes negs just as good at the Kodak stuff.

Oren Grad
15-Jan-2008, 10:58
Go do some reading in the Color Film/Paper/Chemistry forum over at APUG. Ron Mowrey, who worked on this stuff over a long career at Kodak, is very skeptical about the quality and stability of negatives developed with these kits, with the blix and the stabilizer a particular concern. I don't have experience of my own on which to base a judgment, but I've been thinking about doing some C-41, and his observations have been on my mind.

Gene McCluney
15-Jan-2008, 12:18
It is always best to use the Kodak chemistry with the separate bleach and fix. C-41 chemistry certainly CAN be shipped. B&H just chooses to not ship it. I think there is a hazmat charge for each shipment. All other photo vendors that stock chemistry will ship. I think the hazmat charge is for each shipment, not for each item in the shipment.

15-Jan-2008, 14:19
Thanks everybody for the suggestion, I will check adorama, do some reading on APUG.