View Full Version : 16.5 APO RD Artar f 9.5??? Will it cover 12x20!!!

14-Jan-2008, 15:27
Title is the question???

If it will cover, how well??

Cheers and thank you


John Kasaian
14-Jan-2008, 15:31
IIMHO a 19" Artar is very marginal for 12x20.

14-Jan-2008, 15:36
So no!! on the 16.5

Michael Graves
14-Jan-2008, 16:52
I'm not sure how to convert from 8x10 to 12x20, but a 16.5 on my Toyo 8x10M covers with sufficient space for about three inches of movement at infinity in the long direction, so I'm thinking probably not. Artars aren't noted for their vast coverage, just impeccable sharpness.

Turner Reich
14-Jan-2008, 17:24

14-Jan-2008, 17:45
Well the search for a 12x20 lens is still on. I just let a 450 nikkor M slip through my hands at a steel for a price. Any recomendations are welcome.

Thanks Tim

Craig Roberts
14-Jan-2008, 18:04
I tried my 16-1/2 inch RD Artar on my 12x20. It did not cover the format. The 19-inch did.

Michael Kadillak
14-Jan-2008, 18:09
The 16 1/2" Red Dot is a great 8x10 lens, but that is about it limitation.

IMHO the "must" lenses for 12x20 are the 355 G Claron, the 450 Nikon M, the 600mm Fuji or the 24" Red Dot Artar and the 30" Red Dot if you have the bellows to use it.


Dave Wooten
14-Jan-2008, 18:11
the Fugi 450 covers also...I use it on the 14 x 17, the Nikon M reportedly has more coverage than the Fugi, but I havent verified.

14-Jan-2008, 18:57
I am mostly interested in the Nikkor M. Although the 355 G or the 360 convertable would be nice. All of which seem to pop up but dissapear fairly quickly. The Fugi 450 would be ok as long as it covers ( I don't want to get a lens and have it not work)... The camera will be here in about two weeks and I want to start using it.

Gene McCluney
14-Jan-2008, 20:20
the Fugi 450 covers also..

There's one of those obscure Blowfish lenses again.

John Kasaian
14-Jan-2008, 23:06
I can't comment on the Fuji, but the Nikor 450M, as well as the 19" Dagor are IMHO about as good as it gets on 12x20. The 24" Artar would no doubt be a good choice as well but the bellows on my 12x20 (F&S) won't accomodate one.

What I'm trying to say is that the bellows length of your camera is something to consider when hunting for a lens for one of these giants.

Not that I suffer from "bellows envy" mind you!

14-Jan-2008, 23:54
Bellows will be around 700mm. My rail is 32" so the 24" should work. I just have to find one at a reasonable price.

15-Jan-2008, 07:01
Which 12x20 is this?

15-Jan-2008, 09:27
Which 12x20 is this?

Its a hodge podge. The front standard, rail, and base for rear standard are from my cambo. The rear standard and bellows are from Richard Ritter. It may look silly but it will be solid and have every movement I will need. The only movement I am not going to have is rear rise and fall. Oh and I will be able to switch from horizontal to vertical fairly easily. As soon as I finish it I will post photos of it on here.