View Full Version : how does the "new posts" feature work?

steve barry
13-Jan-2008, 22:39
how does the "new posts" feature work? beyond the obvious. i see the filter to exclude certain forums under my settings, but thats all. i just posted to a thread, where the last post (previous to mine) was over a month old, and it is not showing in the "new posts" section. just curious if certain forum sections don't update the "new posts" section, or if there was a time delay, or if it wont show the threads you posted to in your personal "new posts" section. hope that makes sense. thanks.


steve barry
13-Jan-2008, 22:42
guess I figured it out, is there any way to include the threads you have posted to in the "new posts" section?

Ralph Barker
13-Jan-2008, 23:37
"New" posts are those you haven't seen, or didn't create. Tom might be able to devise search parameters that would include your own posts, but it's not part of the standard features of "new posts".

Have you tried the "Unified View" which shows threads based on recent activity?

steve barry
14-Jan-2008, 06:58
ahh, thanks Ralph, just what I was looking for - - the "unified view" is great. thank you