View Full Version : Owens River flows again

13-Jan-2008, 10:20
An article in the NY Times, (Jan. 12, written by Randal C. Archibold), indicates that the Owens River, after a long hard fight by determined Californians, is flowing once again! Although I have never been to that part of California, I am sure that to all, this is wonderful news. If you can find the article it is a very interesting read.

Merg Ross
13-Jan-2008, 11:06
That is indeed very good to hear. It has been a long battle, but years of perseverance have paid off.

There is a large format connection associated with this thread. In 1950 (or thereabouts) Ansel Adams photographed the Owens Valley to illustrate a book written by Mary Austin early in the twentieth century. Titled: "The Land of Little Rain", it would be a good choice for anyone interested in the history of this area or for a look at Ansel's photography.

Eric Woodbury
13-Jan-2008, 12:49
Seems as tho I heard that the river was flowing for just a short ways and then back into the aqueduct.

David A. Goldfarb
13-Jan-2008, 22:48
Richard Boutwell has been documenting this process in large format. www.richardboutwell.com