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13-Jan-2008, 09:09
anyone have information on this film? I did a search and came up with little:

"Avitone P1p and P3p: Negative acting, orthochromatic continuous tone films for making diapositive from black-and-white originals. Extremely fine grain emulsion gives enhanced contrast through reproduction."

Peter K
13-Jan-2008, 09:37
It's a positive film to copy aerial negatives. In aerial photography one needs high contrast films to overcome haze. To get the desirable dimension properties this films have a polyester base. The speed is nearly the same as variocontrast papers. This films are developed in roller-transport machines, but can also be developed in Kodak D-76 od DK-50.

Peter K

13-Jan-2008, 11:04
idea of iso?

Peter K
13-Jan-2008, 11:40
There is an ANSI norm for photographic papers (PH 2.2-1972) but as I know not for other copying material. ANSI paper speed numbers indicate the relative speeds of different papers based on a middle-gray tone comparison. This measuring method is different from that used for taking materials, so there is no conversion possible.

Peter K

Glenn Thoreson
13-Jan-2008, 12:41
It's probably very similar to Kodak Direct Positive Release film. Used for contact printing B&W slides from negatives. It was used for high speed contact printing the final release version of movie films, which were done on negative film. I guess you could could say it's "printing speed", about what paper would be. For in camera use, I would start at ISO 6 and adjust from there. I develop the Kodak version in Dektol 1:3 for about 3 minutes. It's ortho, but not that high contrast lith film. You can work with it under a red safe light. It gives a good tonal range on a crystal clear base. Just looking at the finished photo, it will look pretty strange. It projects beautifully though, and should print fine. It will have no obvious grain. You should make some slides. You may be surprised.