View Full Version : Is it possible to change the QR platform on a Manfrotto 410?

13-Jan-2008, 04:11
... use an Arca style QR plate?
Looking at it, the QR platform is an integral part of the 410 (there aren't any joins or anything), so presumably it would be necessary to remove the QR lever and use the two holes drilled in the base of the platform to attach a different QR system.
I'm not at all sure that it is worth it really, but has anyone done this?
My reason for doing it would be that all my other equipment uses Arca style plates (I have Realy Right Stuff QR platform and plates), so it's a minor inconvenience having one Manfrotto plate.
However I find the 410 ideal for large format, so would not really want to change back to a ball head when using LF, and I'm not aware of any other geared heads.

13-Jan-2008, 06:14
I did basically what you are suggesting. Filed the top flat (really soft metal) and attached an RRS quick release. Love the combination.

Brian Ellis
13-Jan-2008, 08:08
Kirk makes an adapter that allows an Arca plate to be used on the 410. I've used the adapter for years on mine, works great, costs about $100. Requires no modification to the 410 head or the Arca plate.

Aender Brepsom
13-Jan-2008, 09:05
Not the most elegant solution, but it worked fine: I attached an Arca QR base on a Manfrotto PL410 plate and had this permanently attached to my Manfrotto 405 head. So, I could use my cameras with the Arca plates.

Gregory Ng
13-Jan-2008, 09:43

Kirk Specialty Quick release clamp SQRC-3271

john collins
13-Jan-2008, 10:17
It would be possible to mount an RRS clamp w/adjustment knob on the existing plate for much less. The 80mm RRS plate is about $85.00.

13-Jan-2008, 13:46
All the replies are much more positive than I anticipated when I posted the question! Thanks.

I did basically what you are suggesting. Filed the top flat (really soft metal) and attached an RRS quick release. Love the combination.
Bob - do you know what RRS part number you used to do this please?

Greg - thanks for the link to the Kirk part.

John - sorry but I'm not quite following what you have done. Please could you explain in a bit more detail for me? Am I right in thinking you are saying that the RRS B2-Pro/L can be mounted without any filing away the top of the 410?

john collins
13-Jan-2008, 18:53
If you would like to try the set-up without modifying the 410 head you can attach the RRS B2-Pro/L clamp to the 3271 plate. If you like the set-up you can file down the top of the 410 and mount the clamp directly (recommended if you want to minimize weight).

14-Jan-2008, 05:42
I used the B2-L which has changed a bit in design over the years so the one on the site now looks different from mine. I had to file off the ridge to make it fit the older style B2-L. That may or may not be necessary now.