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12-Jan-2008, 23:53
:) Right - I have a single weekend away from the family and was thinking of heading up to Lone Pine / Whitney area for a shoot. I am not that familiar with the area. Anyone got any 'must go to' places there that they can let me in on?
Regards, Simon

matthew blais
13-Jan-2008, 08:10
Lots of threads on this, scroll through this list from a search here:

13-Jan-2008, 08:50

When are you planning to go there? This time of year the paved road to Whitney Portal is typically closed due to snow/ice just beyond the Lone Pine campground and snow is not removed beyond the Whitney Portal Road/Olivas Ranch Road intersection, so you will likely not get very high.

If by chance the road is open to Whitney Portal, go there for sure!

That said, there are many areas in the Alabama Hills and in the Owens Valley itself that are accessible via paved and good dirt roads. There are many opportunities along Movie Road and spur roads off of it, and Horseshoe Meadow Road.

You might want to call, or visit the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce website. They have great info about the area. Also, stop by the Inter-Agency visitor center just south of town. They are very helpful, there are some nice exhibits, books and such, and they always have info on current conditions and weather forecasts.

If you have never been to the area, be prepared to be awestruck!

Preston's Sierra-South Images (http://www.gildedmoon.com/galleries/sierra-south/pages/sierrasouthpage-1.htm)


Brian Ellis
13-Jan-2008, 09:03
You can easily spend a weekend (or longer) in the Alabama Hills, which are no more than half a mile out of Lone Pine. I've never been there in the winter but they're so close that access shouldn't be a problem and the mountains have snow this time of year which will make for great backgrounds. Or you could spend a day at Alabama Hills and then head up the road to Mono Lake, which isn't my favorite spot but which a lot of people like. As Matthew mentioned, you can find plenty of information about that area by searching this forum.

Bob Phipps
15-Jan-2008, 10:52
Try Google Earth, download it and type in Lone Pine, CA. Once it has zeroed in, move the scene around and lower your view to get a better altitude view. This can give you some ideas of the area and feel for the topography. Great addition to photo planning with you topo map.

Best wishes,

15-Jan-2008, 11:35
I love the area between Lone Pine and Bishop, lots to shoot. The Alabama Hills are wonderful. Every western made when I was a kid was shot there I swear. This time of year be preared for it to be COLD. It also gets windy so be ready for that as well. The only bad experience I ever had was showing up there without knowing it was film festival weekend (Oct if I remember) and getting a room was not easy or cheap.

Doug Dolde
15-Jan-2008, 20:03
I was there last weekend and yes Whitney Portal is closed due to snow a ways past Movie Road. Movie Road was also partly closed due to road work.

Jim Ewins
17-Jan-2008, 20:03
The book California's Eastern Sierra, A Visitor's Guide was written for photographers.

Jim Noel
21-Jan-2008, 10:45
I was in Lone Pine two weeks ago. There was snow half way down the Sierras, but none in the Alabama Hills. The Whitney Portal Road was closed above the campground.

A short distance further north the snow was down to the base of the mountains at Manzanar. The road was closed at Independence until the Sunday we arrived. Everything is open now except Whitney Portal. A storm is on its way down so there is no way to tell what conditions will be like. It may or may not snow, and it may or may not last.

Keep in touch with the Chamber of Commerce in Lone Pine, and check Caltrans for road conditions.