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tom thomas
11-Jan-2008, 17:08
I found this lens, R. Walzl of Baltimore, #963 ,mounted on a J. A. Anderson lens board in a local antique store and I'm wondering if someone might be interested in it. I'm not although it is a real beauty for its age.

It's brass, approx 14 in long, has a 4.5 in diameter front lens, 4 in rear lens, focus knob and mechanism, no shutter. It is mounted on a 9 inch square lens board, varnished mahogany, signed J. A. Anderson on the front.

The lenses are clear, need a small cleaning, there is some shellac separation on the edge of the front lens. It also has a great lens hood (brass,about 3 inches deep), which is probably very necessary due to the size of the lens.

I'm trying to attach the photo to this posting for you but I'm asked for a URL. I have it on my local hard drive, not posted on another web page. Aha, I scrolled down and found where I can attach the photo.

If anyone is interested in this apparent piece of history, perhaps it was even used during the Civil War, let me know and I'll post the email address of the antique store owner. I'm only interested in finding this lens a good home.

I did see this lens on the web yesterday mounted in a Samuel Peck Field Camera on a site run by matthew brady. I tried emailing him but bounced back as undeliverable. The antique dealer has an old newspaper article from the web showing the lens or one close to it on "the world's largest camera" made by J. A. Anderson to photograph a new steam railroad engine for the manufacturer. The camera is "huge"

Let me know if you're interested.

He also has a Wollensak Verito Diffused Focus Studio lens, F4 11 1/2 inches. F stops from f4 to f32, shows patent date 12 Mar 1907. Body is brass. Glass is clean, shutter reacts but very slow and it appears that one blade is slightly bent which is probably causing the very slow shutter response.

I'll have to return to get photo of the Verito, batteries in my digi camera died after the first shot of the Walzl lens.

I won't discuss his asking prices, I'll leave that up to anyone interested that would like his email address.

Tom Thomas

tom thomas
12-Jan-2008, 14:18
Here is the name of the antique shop and email address of the owner.

American Heritage Antiques
101 E Main
Jenks, OK, 74037

Contact: James Pearce, owner
email: americanheritage@dellmail.com

Tom Thomas