View Full Version : nikon 55mm macro lens on 4x5 ?

11-Jan-2008, 06:16
I read this on Bjørn's site , about 55 mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor
135 format lens on 4x5 :

" The near symmetrical design ensured that it performed well when reversed onto a bellows or extension tubes. I have used it this way successfully for shooting macro images on 6x9 cm and 4x5" formats "

I have this lens and wonder how it really perform when reversed.
anyone has experience?
would it be like really sharp at the center but soften at corner?
or how it compare with 4x5 macro lens at 1:1~3:1

Peter K
11-Jan-2008, 08:16
At 1:1 the Micro-Nikkor 55mm has an image circle of "only" 90mm. But the performance is good also mounted in the normal position. It's sharp up to the corners at f/16.

Peter K

Dan Fromm
11-Jan-2008, 08:24
I sometimes use a reversed 55/2.8 MicroNikkor AIS on 2x3. Super lens as long as its used at a high enough magnification. Better at f/4 than wide open.

As already mentioned, it won't cover 4x5 or even 2x3 at 1:1. By similar triangles, it should cover 4x5 from around 2.5:1 up. But at this magnification working distance will be short and this may make lighting your subject difficult.

11-Jan-2008, 08:24
Dan ,

is there any sample picture ?
and yes...the working distance would be a problem : |

thanks a lot !

Dan Fromm
11-Jan-2008, 09:50
Sorry, no sample picture, unlike many here I'm don't have a digital camera or a scanner. Just another luddite using his many times great-grandfather's stone axe, that's me.

If you have one, try it. You'll learn more, and more quickly, that way than by discussing the question with strangers whose qualifications (Ted Harris' excepted) are suspect.

11-Jan-2008, 09:51
The machined aluminum surface images on this page were shot on 8x10 film with the 55mm nikkor. For extreme close up stuff it'll work.