View Full Version : Which wide angle lens for 6x7 format on 4x5 camera?

Keith A. Dunlop
7-Dec-2000, 17:20
I am going to be using a Toyo 4x5 camera with a 6x7 roll film back and I'm wonde ring how to figure out the approximate 35mm lens equivalents so I can estimate t he coverage angles. I am assuming that the usual 4x5 lens calculations with the smaller 6x7 film size will be off and I will need longer lens. I'm looking for t he equivalent of a 28mm wide angle in 35mm. In 4x5 format that would be about a 90mm lens, but I'm assuming that I will need something longer to get the same co verage in the 6x7 film format.

Ross Martin
7-Dec-2000, 17:31

You will need a wider focal length, not longer. To determine the proper 6x7 focal length, simply double your favorite 35mm lens. So, if you like a 28mm in your 35 system, you'll need close to a 56mm when using the 6x7 back on your Toyo 4x5. Schneider makes a 58mm and Rodenstock a 55mm.

Dan Carey
7-Dec-2000, 18:26
Keith, here's a site with a lens table. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Nook/4792/copyright_texts/LargeLens.html Dan


Garrett Adams
7-Dec-2000, 19:12
Keith, the nearest easily available lens that is closest to 28mm in 35mm format is the 55mm Rodenstock. Its' width angle is 64.2?, height is 54?, and diagonal is 77.9?. It actually equals a 29mm lens on my chart. If you're dead set on equaling a 28mm you'll need the 53mm Biogon.

Keith A. Dunlop
7-Dec-2000, 23:41
Thank you all for the responses. I did some lens cost research after receiving your responses, and buying a 55mm large format lens is going to be extremely cost prohibitive. The original idea of using the 6x7 roll film back is so I don't have to get any new darkroom stuff while I try out large format. I think I'll be getting a 105mm Nikkor and I'll settle for normal perspective with 6x7, with an eye towards using it for wide angle if I start shooting in 4x5.

sheldon hambrick
8-Dec-2000, 13:17
Can you print 6x9? If so, go w/a 6x9 back and a 65mm Super Angulon - this is the same as a 28mm field of view in the 35mm format. You can find the 65mm SA used from $350.00 and up.

Howard Slavitt
10-Dec-2000, 14:10
I'm not aware of any 105 mm that will cover 4 x 5. As for 65 mm lenses, the Horseman 65 mm f7 Super is an excellent lens for 6 cm x 9 cm format. There's a multicoated one (very rare) up for auction right now on EBAY. I think the reserve is about $600.00, which is not cheap, but for a multicoated 65 mm f7 for 6 x 9 that's as small and nice as the Horseman, it's something to consider.