View Full Version : 6X12 roll film on Toyo AII or Horseman FA/fHD

Larry Gaskill
6-Dec-2000, 15:18
First Thankyou all for your helpful suggestions and experiences. I am getting ready to purchase a 4x5 either the Horseman or Toyo Aii

I am really interested in the 6 X 12 roll film to shoot panoramic.

I have a friend who had a wisner and fitted it with a Calumet 6X12 and had significant light leaks. They sent a new one but same problem Any suggestions should I stick with getting a Horseman camera and matching it with a 6 X 12 What do you suggest?

6-Dec-2000, 15:35
Larry: forget about the Calumet 6x12 back. Your first exposure is always wasted. The Horseman 6x12 back is a much better product. You can pick one up at KEH for hundred$$$$ less (assuming you have an international back).

paul owen
6-Dec-2000, 17:27
I second the Horseman !!!! Paul

6-Dec-2000, 17:35
I would go with the Horseman. I know a few people that use the Horseman 6x12 regularly. It is rugged, with excellent flatness, and does not weigh a lot.


Trevor Crone
6-Dec-2000, 17:52
Larry has others have said go with the Horseman. I use their 6x12 and 6x9 backs they are first class. Very reliable. Regards,

Bill Glickman
7-Dec-2000, 04:00
Larry, you may want to consider just buying half a darkslide. it's less to carry and you don't need to carry two different types of film...this assume you will be shooting 4x5 sheet film...

Jean-Marie Solichon
7-Dec-2000, 04:37
I have been using an Horseman 6x12 back with my Toyo AII for almost two years: not a single problem!

Paul Schilliger
7-Dec-2000, 13:51
The Calumet C12 is not flat with 120 but alright with 220. It has some mechanica l flaws too (bad axies, breakable pinions) and the slider is as fragile as a piece of glas. Sad, because the thin insert design and reasonable price tag would have made it a great tool.