View Full Version : CF lens cap

John Dorio
6-Dec-2000, 14:14
I am very curious to know what lens cap one can use with the 67/ 86mm CF. Does a ny manufacturer make such a huge cap to cover a lens/ filter combination such as this? i.e. 86mm Where can one obtain this cap? Alternatively, what makeshift ma terials can one use to make a viable substitution if a factory manufactured one is unavailable?

Micah Marty
6-Dec-2000, 17:58
Don't know which brand you're using, but the Schneider 67/86 center filters come with a nice Schneider slip-on lens cap.

At www.schneideroptics.com > Products > Photo Optics they have a subcategory for "Lens Caps." I don't think the site explicitly lists lens caps for center filters, but you might be able to find a lens in the lens cap listing that would take an appropriately-sized cap for your CF--or better yet, you could ask Schneider (if you're using a Schneider CF).

Most of the Schneider lens caps listed cost in the $10-20 range.


Doug Paramore
6-Dec-2000, 19:07
Tupperware and Rubbermaid make great lens caps for some sizes. Take your lens to your friendly cooking assessories store for a trial fitting. The caps are for plastic glasses and cups.