View Full Version : Copal 0 shutter's, now 7 or 5 bladed?

Arne Norris
7-Jan-2008, 15:25
I'm curious about the Copal 0 shutter. I have a APO Symmar from the early 1990's that has an all-black Copal 0 with a 7-bladed iris. Did Copal go to a 5-bladed iris on newer shutters? If so, about when did this change take place?

Did earlier Copal 0 shutters (with the silver speed dial) have more iris blades than 7, similar to the Compur shutters of that time?

Jan Pedersen
7-Jan-2008, 20:59
I have 3 Copal 0 shutters and the oldest, a 90 6,8 Grandagon has a 5 blade iris.
The two newer, 150 Apo Sironar N and Nikon 120SW are both 7 blade iris. All 3 are black face.
So, i believe the early Copal 0 was 5 blade and the later 7 blade.
Nikon specific shutters may overall be different, they also rotate the speed dial the oposite way.

Oren Grad
8-Jan-2008, 00:08
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