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7-Jan-2008, 01:06
I recently bought a APO-Ronar 240/9-lens (4/4 single coated, coverage 212 mm) in very good condition. Now to my problem: How does this lens compare to my Fujinon NM 210/5,6 (6/5 multicoated, coverage 300 mm) in mint conditionscapes, or close-ups, maybe 20% portraits.
Unfortunately this season is not siutable for comparing them in reality (I shoot most in spring/autumn), but you may give me some advices:
1. Is the single coated vs multicoated a non-issue in this case?
2. Is the coverage-difference a, average for landscapes?
3. I know that both lenses are excellent performers, but do you think one of them has got the edge?
4. My other lenses are 90 and 150 mm. Which focal length will be most used do you think.

I know there are many great photographers here, what do you advise?
I also know that some of you would say: Keep both, but I will need to sell one of them!

Walter Calahan
7-Jan-2008, 06:22
"the edge"

The edge for what?

Both lenses will do 'A' job, but only you'll know if one or the other fits your way of seeing. Without knowing your 'style', how can we say one way or another?

For portraits, the Fujinon will be brighter for critical focusing, but you'll still have to stop down.

Single or multi-coated? Again, are you shooting color or B&W. Do you like snappy contrast, or long tones? Are you usually shooting is difficult lighting conditions?

Coverage? Do you find you need to do a lot of correction with long glass? Having the larger image circle is a plus if you are doing large movement all the time.

As far as focal length blending with your other lenses. I've always been more of a traditionalist with my focal length steps, so for many years I've used the 90, 150, 210 steps. But there are many who use 90, 135, 180, & 240.

If you can, try using both lenses in a test. Your gut will tell you what works for you.

Gene McCluney
7-Jan-2008, 08:37
You don't say what size film you are shooting. This could be critical. If you are shooting 5x7, you may want the lens with the widest circle of coverage.

John Kasaian
7-Jan-2008, 09:17
FWIW I'd sell the 150mm.

7-Jan-2008, 10:10
MC lenses make a huge difference shooting into the light, you can get shots that aren't possible with older single coated lenses.

I have a 150 and a 210, but a better combination would be a 150 & a 240mm. Try and get a 240mm that covers 10x8 like a Symmar just in case you ever more up formats. They can be found at very reasonable prices.


8-Jan-2008, 02:00
Thank you for your answers.

I shoot 4x5, both colour and B&W, so I am interested in good contrast and sharpness.
And about coverage: I am a very recent convert to LF (I was shooting 6x7 before) so I don´t really know how much movements that is usually needed. I havent´worked enough yet. That is why I am asking you about your experience.

Ernest Purdum
8-Jan-2008, 15:32
How much movements are used depends largely on the type of subjects you shoot. Architectural and product photography are very movement demanding. People images and nature photography are often done with little or no movements.