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6-Jan-2008, 18:35
I use the BTZS tubes today and am wondering what I did wrong , one 4x5 neg was not developed thru the center north to south and the other was about the same but not as much:

Used ID-11 fresh Stock solution @6 mins@ 72degrees for all development! I kept the tubes in water and did rotate them in the water @76 degrees , as I beleive I should have and I have read the instruction for this set !

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Oren Grad
6-Jan-2008, 18:45
I'd guess the likeliest explanation for non-development across a central strip is that the film was inserted with the emulsion side against the wall of the tube rather than with the base against the wall, preventing developer from flowing evenly across the emulsion.

Also, just to be sure: rotation needs to be around the long dimension (vertical axis) of the tube, again so that the developer spreads across the entire inner surface of the tube.

6-Jan-2008, 21:18
I use BTZS tubes all the time. You must make certain the emulsion is facing into the centre of the tube and not against the wall.

You will get at times undissolved antihalation backing on some negs but that is removed naturally when you go to the fixer.

Make certain the tubes are perfectly dry before placing the film inside or the film will definately stick to the tube.

If you can -- set up a container with enough stop bath to hold at least 5 tubes so that you can "plunge" the tube the moment you remove the lid. A white globe up to 15 watts about 6 feet away is fine as long as you get the tube in the SB within a couple of seconds.

To remove the sheet from the tube, leave the tube full of SB and peel/bend a corner of the film into the centre of the tube and gently but firmly lift.

I have a container with about 4 litres of fixer with a rack that holds 12 sheets. About once a month I remove about .5 litre of fixer and replace it with the same amount of fresh working strength fixer. My SB and fixer in covered containers are both over 14 months old. With a light on as I fix the film I can see the clearing time of the film.

To agitate the tubes place a thumb and forefinger either side of 2 tubes and snap your fingers toether. The two tubes will spin quickly but then slow to a stop after about 3 - 4 seconds. Just before they stop repeat the action.


7-Jan-2008, 13:30
Gentlemen: Of course your both right film not put in correctly: Grrrr: But I wish there was a simpler way to remove the film after its finished , It sure can be slippery:
thanks a lot:

Tom Perkins
7-Jan-2008, 13:55
To make the film easier to remove, instead of stuffing the film all the way in, leave one corner sticking up ever so slightly above the edge of the tube.

Brian Ellis
7-Jan-2008, 16:28
Gentlemen: Of course your both right film not put in correctly: Grrrr: But I wish there was a simpler way to remove the film after its finished , It sure can be slippery:
thanks a lot:

I used the BTZS tubes for about 10 years, I really liked them. The easiest way I found to remove the film isn't to initially try to grab it by an edge and pull it out. Explaining what I think is the easiest method is kind of like trying to explain how to tie a shoe lace but I'll try. Hold the tube in your left hand (assuming you're right-handed). Place the thumb of your right hand inside the tube firmly against the film with enough pressure to allow you to move the film counter-clockwise with your thumb, just enough to break the seal that has formed. Simultaneously lift the film upwards a little with your thumb so that part of an edge is above the lip of the tube. IOW, the movement is counter-clockwise and up. It takes a fair amount of pressure with your thumb to be able to move the film but don't worry, you won't damage the emulsion. With the film up out of the tube a little it's easy to grasp it and pull it all the way out. Hope that's clear.