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Hans Berkhout
6-Jan-2008, 13:17
Anybody know if Rodinal still available, since Agfa's demise?

6-Jan-2008, 13:21
It's available in several big US shops

6-Jan-2008, 16:09

I could only find the Agfa version at Freestyle, others had the Photographers Formulary version. They have 4 and 17 oz at Freestyle.

Gene McCluney
6-Jan-2008, 17:52
True Agfa Rodinal is available fresh from the factory that took over Agfa's chemical works, available thru normal channels at your local photo dealer worldwide. Of course, most local stores would have to order it now that they don't stock photo chemistry.

Eric Biggerstaff
6-Jan-2008, 18:46
I notice that my "newer" Agfa Rodinal is a different color than the "older" version. I bought some from Freestyle recently and it new stuff seems lighter in color. I have not tried it yet as I still have a few bottles of the "older" version on hand. Hope it is the same as always.

6-Jan-2008, 18:53
It's all the same. I've been using a lot of it lately.

Eric Biggerstaff
6-Jan-2008, 19:00
Thanks David, good to know as it is my favorite developer.

6-Jan-2008, 19:11
I've been shooting a lot of FP4+ lately and it is fantastic with rodinal.

I also have a few sheets of APX 100 that I am planning on developing in rodinal.

Antonio Corcuera
6-Jan-2008, 19:12
I stocked up with several bottles a couple of years ago... but I understand the new company is called "Agfa Photo" and the "new" Rodinal is the same as the original Agfa Gevaert.

BTW, they have also continued with APX 100 and 400 in 35mm versions. I don't know if the emulsion is the same or if they offer it, but maybe we could arrange for a special order of sheet film APX?

6-Jan-2008, 19:22
Eric, as far as I know and remember, and it's been a while, Rodinal darkens with time, but it does not lose developing properties.

I've been thinking about using it again for some time and finally picked up a bottle at Freestyle the other day, along with a few rolls of FP4+. I find it really interesting that all of a sudden there seems to be a revived interest in it, seemingly out of nowhere.

Antonio Corcuera
6-Jan-2008, 19:45
After some research, Rodinal is actually produced by www.ao-imaging.com
Marko, I think the "sudden interest" you mention is only a consequence of Rodinal being readily available once more. There was/is a legion of Rodinal fans, myself included, that couldn't live without the maple syrup....

6-Jan-2008, 19:54
Antonio, I used it some back in the day, but I wouldn't say I couldn't have lived without it. For me, that role used to belong to Microphen.

But that was then - if I had to name one processing tool without which I couldn't live today, it would certainly be Photoshop. ;)

I have a feeling that finding out how the two will cooperate will be real fun. :)

Hans Berkhout
6-Jan-2008, 21:45
Thanks y'all, I ran out and didn't see any listed on the B&H and Calumet sites, and the Ph Formulary had none either. So I got a little worried, couldn't do without it.

Gene McCluney
7-Jan-2008, 08:48
Thanks y'all, I ran out and didn't see any listed on the B&H and Calumet sites, and the Ph Formulary had none either. So I got a little worried, couldn't do without it.

B&H has made a corporate decision to not sell chemicals for shipment. You can only buy chemicals direct for pick-up at the store. Calumet is not devoting much advertising space to darkroom products. I'll bet they have it, just don't list it on the web. Photographers Formulary only sells their own brand of chemicals. Believe me, True Agfa Rodinal is in abundant supply.