View Full Version : Is Bromoforte paper still available?

Erik Ryberg
12-Feb-2001, 20:29

I'm getting conflicting answers from my suppliers. This is the coldest-toned pa per I have ever encountered, and I like it for many applications, but supplies s eem to be dwindling and one supplier says it is no longer made. I'd like to sto ck up if this is true. Anybody know for sure?

Charlie Stracl
12-Feb-2001, 21:27
Don't know but Satter (US distributor) sure has a lot of Bromofort on close out. Looks like it might be true.

Check out: www.satter.com

You might stock up. Prices look good. You could pose the question to Satter on their site.

William Leviit
13-Feb-2001, 02:34

This is a distributer in Berlin, and they have a VERY cold toned paper called Fomabrom which you might find interesting.