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steve barry
5-Jan-2008, 15:12
hello everyone. excellent site here. i am new to LF. i shoot mostly 35 and 6x6 film. i had a sinarF2 4x5 w/ nikkor 90/4.5 about a year ago that was stolen. it was my first LF system and i was able to use it a few times, and i did like the combo. i just bought a 5x7 norma http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=230207317968&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=013

i have a few questions. to get that camera back shooting 5x7 i will need only to find a 5x7 ground glass carrier? and will a sinar P 5x7 ground glass carrier fit?

second is on lens selection. i was thinking of starting with a 90/150/210 combo? i shoot mostly urban settings and alot of architecture. i was wondering how probable it was to be able to use these lenses for both 4x5 and 5x7 format? i am aware that i will have much less room for movements in 5x7 than i will in 4x5. i have a 4x5 enlarger, and a bunch of 4x5 film holders - so for the time being i will stick with 4x5. i guess im asking, will i find myself wanting a different lens set for 5x7 if i like the 90-150-210 combo for 4x5?

thanks in advance.

Wayne Crider
5-Jan-2008, 16:30
Welcome Steve; I'm just down the road from you in west Lauderhill off the Sawgrass at Commercial Blvd..

As concerns lenses, the 90-150-210 combo is very common. For architecture the 90 is very useful, and wider is good if you do interiors. For 5x7 lenses you should be able to find something to cover both formats in each length. I owned the 90mm F8 Nikon at one time, a very good lens, but it was a little dark for me being a late/night shooter; For daytime use it's fine. I'll leave it to the rest of the guys to offer up suggestions to cover both formats. Otherwise it's nice to have another S. Florida guy around. Regards, Wayne.

Ron Marshall
5-Jan-2008, 19:55
Welcome Steve.

The 90 on 5x7 will be similar to a 65 on 4x5, and the 210 will be similar to a 150, so you might want a longer lens for a 5x7, such as a 300.

Jim Galli
6-Jan-2008, 00:14
Hi Steve and welcome! I don't know the specifics on the Sinar questions but on the lenses I may have a little broader experience. A 90 on the 5X7 is somewhat extreme. If you want good movements and with architecture I'm sure you will, consider the 110xl which may not be quite as wide as you'd like on 4X5 but will allow pretty good movements on 5X7. The same is true of the 150. There aren't many of them that allow good moves on 5X7 but the Fuji 180 f9A is sweet on both formats. After that any third longer lens will do for both. A 110, 180, 270, 360 kit would be very nice for both formats. Good luck and good light to you. Of course 50 other guys will have 50 other valid opinions. That's what I love about Large Format.

steve barry
8-Jan-2008, 18:11
Thanks for the welcomes and information. I decided to go with the nikkor 90mm 4.5, and the nikkor 210mm 5.6. I got a pretty good deal on them (400 each) and they are in brand new condition. i like the extreme wide look. i will keep my eye out for a cheap 150mm.

Does anyone know about the 5x7 sinar P ground glass carrier fitting the 5x7 sinar norma?

Thanks again. This place is pretty cool.


steve simmons
9-Jan-2008, 06:54
Here is some reading I recommend

Jim Stone's book User's Guide to the View Camera
Jack Dykinga's book Large Format Nature Photography
my book Using the View Camera

There are several articles on the View Camera web site in the Free Articles section that will be helpful to you


and check the archives on this site as well.

steve simmons

steve barry
9-Jan-2008, 07:12
Thanks Steve - more than a few people have recommended your book to me. My school library has it and I will be getting it tomorrow. I just got done reserving it, so imagine my surprise to see you here. Thanks for the web site I will browse that as well.