View Full Version : Value of Compound shutter

5-Jan-2008, 13:47
I am shipping a Compound shutter for repair, and was wondering what its ballpark value was for shipping insurance purposes.

I think it's a size 4 (taken off a Tele-Xenar 360).

Peter K
5-Jan-2008, 13:58
Sorry, I don't know the value, but it's a Compound size 3 (EX-III/7). So the price of a Copal 3 should be a good reference point.

Peter K

Ole Tjugen
5-Jan-2008, 13:59
The Tele-Xenar 360mm f:5.5 took a #3 Compound. I don't know about the value, though the #3 is the most common one. 4s and 5s are more sought-after for mounting very large lenses.

5-Jan-2008, 14:11
Thank you for the quick responses; very helpful to know.