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4-Jan-2008, 18:05
Hi All,
I've been sort of hanging around the fringes of LF forum for a while here trying to learn and get some inspiration. I met eddie gunks here in Saugerties, NY a while back, and he and his wife graciously invited me to go along on a couple of LF shoots here with them and some of their LF friends. It had been quite a while since I had been able to have a conversation with someone who knew what I was talking about (eddie has taught me a lot already and I hope that continues). I needed a little encouragement, too, to join in the conversations going on, so here I am.
My interests have been macro, landscapes and waterfalls, and I'm looking forward to trying the macro in large format. People and 'street photography' has always been a little frightening to me. Its something I'd like to learn. Have recently (because of the last couple of LF shoots with eddie and friends) bought an old Noba 5X7 and I'm going to try to develop some negs. tonight. Might get to post some in the next couple days.
Looking forward to meeting more of you and learning more about the craft.
Al McDowell

John Kasaian
4-Jan-2008, 18:15
Welcome, Al!

4-Jan-2008, 18:33
Hi Al,

You've come to the right place to learn about LF photography... there are some really great people here who are more than willing to share their knowledge.

For starters... get a good book and read through it. That'll give you some sense of what people are referring to when they talk about swings and tilts, etc. My favorite books are:

1. Landscape Photography and LF by Jack Dykinga
2. Using the Large Format Camera by Jim Stone

Steve Simmon's book is also very informative.

Best of luck...


4-Jan-2008, 18:36
Develop ( no pun intended) a thick skin. Don't take everything you read as gospel.
Look at Frank's and Domenic's work as much as possible.

5-Jan-2008, 14:27
hi al,

great to see you in cyberspace.

i can not wait to see some of those 5x7 you shot. tomorrow may be another good day for shooting. i plan to be out. bring those 5x7 if you come.


Wayne Crider
6-Jan-2008, 16:35
Welcome Al. Your certainly btw lucky to have Eddie help you. The guys around here are also very helpful so ask away no matter what. Again welcome aboard.

steve simmons
7-Jan-2008, 07:04
If you can, find a class or workshop to take. It will answer a lot of questions you don't yet know you have and you will meet other lf'ers.

Search the archives here for articles of interest as well as the Free Articles section of the View Camera web site


steve simmons

7-Jan-2008, 10:59

9-Jan-2008, 09:56

Welcome from upstate NY!


9-Jan-2008, 14:52
Thank you all for the welcome! I'm very happy to be here.