View Full Version : Frame overlap in Calumet slide-in holder

Jeremy Moore
4-Jan-2008, 14:58
I get frame unevenness that causes the frames to overlap in my 6x9 Calumet slide-in holder. Does anyone know the cause of this and if it's possible to fix? I would like to use my holder, but not being able to rely on it means it just sits on the shelf.

4-Jan-2008, 15:50
I've owned three of these over the years and a friend has the 6x12 version. All have done this and you never know when it will happen. I suppose there is just some loose fitting gears that will occasionally just do this on their own. I've learned to give a little generosity in my framing to allow for this possibility and then crop a bit in the printing.


Gary Beasley
4-Jan-2008, 16:26
If it's anything like the filmbacks on my Bronnie it probably needs a good cleaning. The Bronnie has a clutch in the mechanism that tracks the film movement that can get dirty, probably from migrating lubricant, and start to slip. See if you can find a diagram or better good instructions for the CLA. If all else fails one of your favorite old-camera techs can do it for a price.