View Full Version : "Universal" filter holder?

4-Jan-2008, 07:19
I use a lot of old lens, most of them don't even have a filter ring. I'd love to find some sort of 'universal' filter holder for these big rectangle filters; I use mostly grad and yellow/orange/red ones.

I was thinking of something like the "camera pod/spider/monkey" devices, with a filter holder attached, you could 'grid' the front standard with the legs and place the filter the way you want in front of the lens...

Anyone seen something like that before ?

Michael Graves
4-Jan-2008, 07:23
Lee's got a rubber band mounted device that holds resin filters. I've got one of those for bigger lenses. It's a bit clunky for oddball lenses like a Weitwenkel I recently acquired and a 203 Ektar I have had for a while. For those lenses, I have a 3" gel holder that clips on with springs.

Brian Ellis
4-Jan-2008, 08:49
The one I use is called a "Five Digit No Cost Light Weight Universal Filter Holder," i.e. my hand. Just make sure the filter is a little larger than needed to cover the lens so that you can hold it by a corner without getting your hand in the picture. I use Lee square filters, they've been big enough for every lens I've owned. I got the idea to use this holder after I had used the Lee rubber band system that Michael mentions for a while. It eventually dawned on me that the rubber band and adapter weren't really keeping the filter perfectly tight against the lens like a glass screw-in filter, for example, would yet they worked fine. So I figured my hand would do the job just as well, which it does.

4-Jan-2008, 09:14
I use the five digit method too, but thats tricky for grad filters, where a millimeter makes a difference...

Michael, what's your 'spring' holder ?