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12-Aug-1998, 14:37
I have just been given a 90 mm F 4.5 Voigtlander Apo Lanthar on a compur shutter .

Before buying a lens board I would like to know if this this lens is any good f or 4 x5 photography and how well it compares with, for instance, a Schneider s uper angulon ? Has anyone any prctical experience with this lens. Thank you in advance

Yours, LV

Ernst Miller
27-Aug-1998, 14:11

Nice Gift!! I have seen more of these legends available used lately and not che ap. I used on in photo school. They are a normal lens design and were the firs t apo chromatic lens that satisfied all quality criteria well and were fast. Th e 90mm must have been made for 6x7 fans. They also had 100mm for 6x9. I doubt if the coverage is any better than a normal Symmar which would not cover 4x5 at 90 or 100mm at f22. But it is an extremely sharp lens made just before Voightla nder closed down. A couple of years ago I read that they were reopening their B raunshweig plant but never heard anything after that. They may not have had eno ugh to come back with vs Schneider, Nikon and the like. And I believe the lanth anum flouride or other lanthanum compound that gives it its exceptional quality may be cost prohibitive due to supply problems. There just isn't enough of it i n one place and only a few places known to get it in supply. So I have heard bu t don't mark my words. In short--hang on to it.

Ern Miller