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Brian Ellis
4-Jan-2008, 00:12
I just received my Chamonix camera an hour or so ago and have been playing around with it. I'm very impressed with the build quality and attention to detail as well as its looks. I've figured out how to use it with one major and embarassing exception: I haven't been able to figure out how to tilt the front (it does have front axis tilt, right?). So if someone could explain how this is done I'd appreciate it.

And two minor questions. In a recent thread Eric James said "With the rear-tilt knobs still loose, engage the (wanna-be, so-called, would-be) zero-detent levers. Gently tilt the back against these stops - I use an index finger on the top of the wooden frame. Holding the back against the stops, tighen the rear-tilt knobs." Where are these zero detent levers and stops? I don't see anything that looks like a lever against which the back could be tilted and stopped.

And another. There's a vertical bubble level above and to the right side of the ground glass. On my camera the bubble doesn't move no matter how I position the back and I can't figure out what it would be used for even if the bubble did move. It looks like it's intended to assist in aligning the back but there's a horizontal bubble level on the left side of the back that seems to perform that function. So what's this level in which the bubble doesn't move supposed to do?


Eric James
4-Jan-2008, 00:39

Look at the underside of the front standard. You'll see four silver hex heads - use a thumb to shift them toward the center of the standard; now - after loosening the rise/tilt knobs - you'll be able to tilt the front standard.

The levers for the rear standard are also on the underside - there is a fluted friction pad on each lever. If your rear standard is pushed against these stops the levers move inward with more resistance.

That extra bubble level on the back standard is for leveling the rear standard in "portrait" mode.

Ain't she sweet!

4-Jan-2008, 02:44
Yep, just move those levers inward, on the underside of the front standard. That releases the standard to be tilted around. I've already had mine out and about a few times now, I'm quite satisfied with it!

I've found that when I want to adjust the front tilt but not affect the rise/fall (which is usually the case), I loosen one side of the front standard knobs just enough so that it's not locked down tight, but still keeps enough tension on the standard to keep it from drooping down (compromising your rise/fall adjustments) It's loose enough for you to press on the standard forwards and backwards to adjust the tilt, and tight enough to hold it's position while you check things with a loupe, and/or adjust the focusing knob. Then when all is well, just tighten up that single knob, and you are done!

This is a little bit more finicky than some other designs, but after a time or two it's no trouble.

12-Oct-2010, 22:23
I am having problems with the rear detents on my 45N-2. They don't slide even with considerable force. I even removed the small allen head screw that holds one of them in place and it won't slide. Is it possible that something got into the mechanism and has frozen it or does the sliding mechanism require lots of force. The dentents on the front standard move easily.

Dave Grenet
12-Oct-2010, 23:38
The rear tilt detents on my 45N-2 came glued in. I removed the allen bolt and pried them free and now they slide easily. This is known to Hugo and he can probably provide you with more detailed instructions if you need them.

12-Oct-2010, 23:40
Roger, I've had to adjust them once or twice on mine, from either being to tight or too loose. If they don't move without the screw in there, it's probably jammed by something foreign being in there? Not sure how that would be possible, it's pretty tight tolerances. Maybe even just a grain of sand? Maybe tap it gently with a screwdriver or hole punch and small hammer to free it?

(edit) sounds like Dave has your answer :-)

13-Oct-2010, 03:29
The rear tilt detents on my 45N-2 came glued in. I removed the allen bolt and pried them free and now they slide easily. This is known to Hugo and he can probably provide you with more detailed instructions if you need them.

Mine too. Weird and I'm surprised they don't mention it on the website. I just got the camera and figured they were too tight. I just bought a metric hex set that I hope is small enough.

13-Oct-2010, 21:16
Thanks everyone. Hugo responded to me. There is some glue or varnish or something that got into the detent slider on the back. It came that way. I slightly loosened the back detent and then used a screw driver to pry very very gently on the end of the slider. It popped loose very easily. Not much force is required. I could then work them back an forth a few times and they are fine now.