View Full Version : Rating Polaroid Type 52

Richard S. Ross
12-Feb-2001, 14:34
I have looked through the Polaroid threads here and elsewhere, and have read the Polaroid data sheets, but still can't get the exposure correct for this film. T wo quick questions :

(i) What is the useable range of this film? My limited experience indicates -2 t o +1 at ASA800. In other words, at 800ASA, highlights metering more than one sto p above N are completely white and shadow detail is lost below roughly two stops from N. Is this consistent with other peoples experience with this film?

(ii) How sensitive are the highlight and shadow values to variations in developi ng time? I am probably never spot on, since I don't know the temperature of my f ilm very accurately in the field (+-10 degrees at best). The data sheets indicat e that the shadows should be sensitive to changing times to some extent, but not the highlights. Is this consistent with user experience?

Scott Walton
13-Feb-2001, 12:18
Typically I have always shot this at 400 although it is a bit contrasty thereby looking a bit faster.