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2-Jan-2008, 16:18
Hi LF Forum,

I have just bought a Sinar Norma 5 x 4 camera and a 405 polaroid back. The 545 pro polaroid back fits into the back of the camera where a normal film holder is placed. However I can not work out where to put the 405 back and I have tried to attached it to camera without the ground glass but I cannot make it stay put and I have also tried putting the back in the same place as the 545 but it does not seem to fit and it seems like there are gaps. Does anyone have any tips on attaching the polaroid back or does any one know where I can get a manual for the 405 back? I also got three light traps with the back, are these just spare parts?


Greg Lockrey
2-Jan-2008, 16:56
Can you post a picture of your camera back? I for the life of me can't understand why you shouldn't be able to slide the 405 back in like the 545. The only thing you need to concern yourself is that the 405 uses 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 film so there will be a slight offset of the picture area.

2-Jan-2008, 18:40
I use a 405 holder with my sinar p2 and it slides right in. The only issue wrt the polaroid pack film backs vs regular film holders is the thickness.

I have the manual as well, but there isn't anything that'll help you in there with this issue...

Dave Parker
2-Jan-2008, 18:45
The 405 back is designed to be used with cameras that have the international or graflok back, you need to open the sliders to remove the ground glass viewing frame, place the 405 holder on the back, then close the slides, which will hold the edge of the holder, pull the dark slide, expose, then replace the dark slide and pull the paper tail, then the film frame..


2-Jan-2008, 19:02
Slide the 405 back under the ground glass with the darkslide first, (even though it seems like a bassackwards way to do it).

Dave Parker
2-Jan-2008, 19:23
You might be able to slide it under the ground glass, but I have owned many cameras it would not fit under the ground glass as it is thicker than a standard film holder

Richard Kaye
25-Jan-2011, 04:09
Possibly this too late for the questioner, but others might have the same problem. I just got a 405 back for my norma. The 405 fits the norma's spring back fine, but the verticals on the rear standard get in the way. The only way I got it to fit and take pictures was to take the spring back off, fit the 405 onto it (off the camera) and then put the spring back back on in a vertical position with the darkslide ready to pull out vertically upwards. (The 405 won't slide in this way with the spring back attached to the camera, and the other way is no use as the darkslide cannot be removed as the rail is in the way.)