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Emile J Schwarz
2-Jan-2008, 15:12
I have a 'Hermagis Portrait Sie2 No2'. The barrel is about 4.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches long without the lens shade. The aperature goes from f3 to f14. Looking at the reflections in the glass it seems there is one element in front and two in the back. The lens focuses on infinity about 13 inches from the aperature ring. I've read the various posts US vs Standard vs French aperiture sizes.

Any thoughts on format size vs format Numbers or on the lens type? At f3, its one of the faster large format lens I've seen. I'm a few weeks away from mounting the lens.

Ole Tjugen
2-Jan-2008, 15:16
That seems to be a Petzval, and the focal length of a bit over 300mm fits nicely with 13x18cm - which indeed is often #2. I have no idea whether it is in this case, though.

Jim Galli
2-Jan-2008, 15:17
I'll be happy to make an educated guess that it is indeed a lovely petzval type portrait lens of 12 1/2 -13 inch focal length and it should work perfectly on 8X10 format at portrait distances.

domenico Foschi
2-Jan-2008, 15:34
Nothing more than a paperweight.
I will be ,more than glad to help you get rid of it... and I won't even charge you for the travel to the post office...;)
Joking of course...I would be very curious to see its qualities when you start working with it.

Ole Tjugen
2-Jan-2008, 16:21
I agree with Jim Galli - and it should work wonderfully on 8x10". But the intended use is more likely to be on 5x7"! The "swirlies" were seen to be a fault when Petzvals were made, and the stated image circle (and thus intended format) was reduced to the part that gives sharp pictures. :)