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2-Jan-2008, 13:36
hello all,
the sliding block on my 8x10 B&J need some repair. can anyone shoot a few pictures of their sliding blocks so i get an idea how to repair it properly?
the photos do not necessarily need to be B&J. a kodak 2D or similar will do fine.

thanks for the help.


Glenn Thoreson
2-Jan-2008, 14:43
Which B&J do you have? Is it the Rembrandt studio camera? I have one of those with the sliding back for two exposures on 4X5, if that will help.
EDIT: Oops! :D Do you mean the back, or the sliding tripod mount block? Senior moments abound around here. I have a 2D 5X7, if that'll do it. Should be the same as 8X10 on a smaller scale.

2-Jan-2008, 15:02
yes, thanks glenn.

any sliding tripod block will do (sorry i thought i had said that...). i just need to see some pics so i am sure to repair mine in the best way.



Jan Pedersen
2-Jan-2008, 15:58
Eddie, Will take some photos of mine tonight. Let me know if there's any particular angle or view you would like to see.


3-Jan-2008, 04:55
thanks jan,
i am looking for the metal 90 degree angles and how they attach to the bed. and how they are tightened to fix the bed onto a certain place on the rail.

thanks all


Glenn Thoreson
3-Jan-2008, 13:53
Eddie, I'm having problems with constant interruptions here. Did Jan get you the pictures you need?

Jan Pedersen
3-Jan-2008, 18:22
Glenn, they are on their way in a moment, just need Eddie's email address.

3-Jan-2008, 18:34
they are on their way. but if you have some the more the merrier! it is good to see m ore than one idea.

goatbrothers (at) yahoo (dot) com will get them too me!

thank you both for your help.