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1-Jan-2008, 13:21
I have a 240 f9 g-claron on an all black shutter (copal 1) it appears to be missing the top aperture scale. At first I didn't even realize the scale was missing, just thought it was an odd design that I had to look at the bottom of the shutter to see the scale (even though the aperture lever is on the top). I eventually realized that there were two screw holes on the top of the shutter that would normally be holding the top scale in place.

So, I've been doing with out it and just looking at the bottom scale which has been easy since I usually have the camera raised up quite a bit. However I'm wondering where I could get ahold of a scale to put on the top, just to make things easier.

I've thought about making one on paper and taping it on there (which I'll probably do in the mean time), but I'd rather just get the proper scale on the top to make it complete.

Any ideas on where I could get the scale and (small!) screws? the part number (I assume) on the bottom scale is 37941-B, I assume the part number for the top scale would be the same, but with -A at the end?


Peter K
1-Jan-2008, 13:34
Every lens needs it's own aperture scale, so the shutter is delivered by Copal with a blanc scale. The scale will be engraved at the lens factory. Or e.g. at http://www.skgrimes.com/index.htm.

Peter K

Bob Salomon
1-Jan-2008, 13:37
Check with Samy's and they should be able to get you a blank scale from RTS (the Copal shutter distributor in the USA). Any camera repairman can calibrate the scale for you. Since your shutter is missing the top scale it sounds like your lens has been remounted into a new shutter (all new shutter are supplied with 2 scales, not 1) so you have no guaranty that the bottom scale is correct.

Pre-printed scales are sold by the lens distributor which in your case would be Schneider.

1-Jan-2008, 13:46
RTS, Inc can be reached directly at 631-242-6801
SK Grimes as listed above and
Tim Sharkey at lens2nshutter.com/

The latter two can create a new on if you don't find an original in stock.

1-Jan-2008, 13:59
thanks for the info yall! I'll be giving RTS a call as soon as my voice returns! haha!

Jan Pedersen
1-Jan-2008, 15:01
Daniel, You can also get a set of scales (Top and Bottom) from Schneider. Don't remember though if they came with the screws.

1-Jan-2008, 15:07
I'll try them as well, Thanks Jan :-)

18-Jan-2008, 11:57
Jim from Midwest Photo Exchange (where I purchased the used lens some months ago) is sending me a new scale and screws. Thanks to Jim (if you are on here) for doing this for me!