View Full Version : Fuji FB100B film????

1-Jan-2008, 12:52
Do any of you know if you can use the Fuji FB100B type film in Polaroid 545i holders. I don't mind losing some of the image due to different image size,it's just Polaroid type 54 film is so expensive.

1-Jan-2008, 16:22
From what I can gather the FB100B-45 is longer made... :-(

Gordon Moat
1-Jan-2008, 18:11
Fuji only makes pack films, not individual sheets. The FB100B (or FB100C) will fit in a Polaroid 405 back, or one of the backs Fuji make. The FB100B45 is a larger pack film (10 shots in a pack) as a cartridge, and fits the Polaroid 550 holder, or one of their pack film holders. There is also an ISO 3000 B/W instant film from Fuji.

Sometimes you can find much better deals on EBAY than getting these films through dealers. Polaroid no longer make any films to fit the 550 holder, so it might be questionable whether Fuji will continue with their choices in the future. It appears that currently they still make them, at least according to their website and local Fuji reps I have spoken with . . . though obviously anything could change quickly.

If you want a quick proofing set-up for low cost, I would recommend a Polaroid 405 holder over the larger 550 holder. The cost per shot is much lower. The only downside is that the overall image is smaller than a 4x5 shot.


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