View Full Version : how rare is a Wollensak series IIIa 11x14?

Darren Kruger
31-Dec-2007, 12:15
I have a Wollensak Series IIIa EWA 11x14 lens in shutter and I am wondering how rare it is and whether to sell it or not. From what I can tell the focal length is around 9". I don't have an 11x14 camera now to use it with, but that might be something I get in the not so near future. Are there other oldie lenses from other manufacturers out in this focal length/coverage combination? How rare are those?


John O'Connell
31-Dec-2007, 13:48
Rare? Yes. Value? I have no idea, having never seen one sell.

A 210mm Angulon would be comparable lens from a use perspective. Small, light wide angles of a bit over 200mm in focal length are rare and expensive in general.


Jon Wilson
31-Dec-2007, 14:57
I had the smaller wolly which was designed as a EWA 8x10 lens and it was light and handy. Although, I believe it was a little soft on the edges, but it had a nice "old lens" aire about it. I sold it IIRC for about $225. For my 11x14 landscapes, I plan on using my 210mm or 240mm Kowa. BTW, I have not seen your lens for sale either.