View Full Version : 250mm f6.7 Fujinon W Lens

neil poulsen
13-Feb-2001, 01:27
I just purchased a 250mm f6.7 Fujinon W Lens, the lens with a purported 389mm im age circle. I purchased this lens "on spec" so that I could check it on a recen tly purchased 8x10. I see that I can achieve about 1.7" rise at f22 with the ba ck in verticle orientation. If I stop down, this increases to about 1.9" or so at f32 and up to 2.25 at the very small aperture of f64.

To my question, in practical terms, does this give me that much rise for an 8x10 ? Since my 8x10 is new, I haven't used it enough to have sufficient perspective on how much rise I will need for a lens of this focal length. Is it sufficient for landscape? Will it work for taking pictures of occassional buildings, or f or more general photography? I'm sure there are people who participate in this forum who have practical knowledge of just how successful one can be with a lens of this image circle. I would appreciate any feedback that you might offer.