View Full Version : 8x10 version of Linhof Technika Not a Deardorff

31-Dec-2007, 08:38
I shoot almost exclusively with a Linhof Technika and continue to be amazed by how well it is made and easy it is to use. I used to shoot with an 8X10 Deardorff but found it to be a little awkward and did not like the movements. I would love to shoot more 8x10 but is there an 8x10 field camera that is light but has the same feel and flexibility at my Technika? thanks in advance.

Jim Noel
31-Dec-2007, 09:32
How could any "lightweight" camera provide the "feel" of a Technika. I think you will just have to rent or borrow a couple of 8x10's, try them out and see which suits you best. Nothing is going to be like a Technika, whether that is good or bad is for others to decide. I personally don't prefer them.

Ed Richards
31-Dec-2007, 09:40
You can have light or you can have sturdy and precise. The Sinar P2 8x10 would have the feel of the Technika (which I also use), but it weighs what an 8x10 Technika would.

David Karp
31-Dec-2007, 09:46
I have never used one, much less seen one, but perhaps this is what you want: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/63768-REG/Toyo_View_180_225_8x10_810MII_Folding_Metal.html

Of course, it is not light. It weighs 15 lbs.

Frank Petronio
31-Dec-2007, 10:20
Assuming you don't need to handhold your 8x10, you'd get the closest "feel" of a Technika from a 8x10 Linhof monorail, which would be silky smooth and very well made. And the newer models are not that particularly heavy compared to the competition such as the Sinar and Arca.

The metal folding Toyo has a mixed track record, do a search, Cris Jordan had issues with his.

Once you get into the larger formats I don't think the advantages/disadvantages of flatbeds versus monorails are the same as 4x5/5x7. Unless you go ultralight with something like a Gowland and Midos, the end result is that no matter what you're hauling big, heavy gear -- so a few more pounds of camera and tripod are sometimes inconsequential.

Ralph Barker
31-Dec-2007, 10:23
I, too, would suggest looking at the Toyo 810MII (or an older used 810M). It won't have quite the precision feel of a Technika, but they are well made.

douglas antonio
31-Dec-2007, 11:08

i do not know what weight you are willing to carry, but the feel of the technika 4x5 you are looking for could be the one of a ...technika 18x24.

have you seen this one? ebuy: 370009083591
it's very old, but maybe interesting enough for you to check?

no connection to seller from my side.

Ole Tjugen
31-Dec-2007, 11:58
I went from a 5x7" Technika to a 7x5" Gandolfi Traditional, and to me the main difference is weight.

If you're on this side of the world we might try to meet up so you can have a look at my 8x10" Gandolfi Traditional?

Neal Shields
31-Dec-2007, 15:48
I have an old Technica and an 8x10 Deardorff. I am in the process of transitioning to a P2 with both 8x10 and 4x5 capibilities.

However, the size and weight is daunting. The camera with no lenses fits in a roll around suit case that is about 2' x 2' x3' and bairly fits in the trunk of my car.

One good thing is that there is a Linhof Sinar adapter so you can leave your 4x4 lenses on their old boards.

I dearly love the Deardorff as a work of art and a wonderful experience to use. If I wasn't trying to get better at using movements, I would stay with it, but the gear driven asymmetric tilts and swings of the P2 are wonderful for old tired eyes. Beyond that I love the TTL metering capibility.


Peter K
31-Dec-2007, 16:30
Linhof made a Technika II 18x24cm. Only 10 cameras or so. But it's no lightweight, 10kg without lens. With a modern camera such as the Kardan Master GTL 8x10 you will get much more versatility.

Peter K

jens peter
2-Jan-2008, 08:51
Phillips 8x10 Cll is very lightweight and robust field Camera that I have found pleasure using in combination with my technicas, but it is not a camera suited for hand held photography.

At the moment one of the 8x10 Technikas mentioned above, is for sale at photografica (photografica.com) the largeformat shop in Copenhagen.
I have played with it - it is beautiful! Significantly more heavy then the 4x5 Technikas (around 18-20 kg) and not as smooth in the focus - but it works - and it even come with a reducing back for 5x7.

Try call Martin (who once in a while appear in this forum) and make him send some images of the camera if you are interested.