View Full Version : Center Filter Question

Greg Liscio
30-Dec-2007, 17:16
Will I need a center filter for the Schneider Super-Symmar XL 110mm lens? What about the Schneider (or any other) Super Angulon 90mm lens?

Peter K
30-Dec-2007, 17:29
Look at the last thread about center filters some day ago

Peter K

Ted Harris
30-Dec-2007, 18:56
Greg, the short answer to your question is no and no. That's my experience. I use the 110 SSXL extensively and have never felt the need to use a center filter (and mine is usually with me). Nor did I find it necessary for landscape work with a 90mm Granagon. I don't currently own a 90 bur I do use both a 75 and a 58 and don't feel the need for the center filter on the 75 but do with some frequency with the 58. Depends a lot on subject matter.