View Full Version : New cable releases too short for old lens

29-Dec-2007, 22:30
Hi all,

Just got an old 14.75" lens in an old Ilex #5 shutter. Anxious to try this beastie, I plug in my cable release, compose and then press to take the pix, nothing happens. Close examination of the problem shows me that my Pentax cable releases do not extend long enough to trip the shutter. Any place where I can pick up one that will extend far enough to trip it? Looks like it needs about an inch of extension. Anyone have a spare old release that will work on the beastie? Cheers!

John Bowen
30-Dec-2007, 05:17
I always get my cable releases from B&H photo. Quite a selection available....

Bob Salomon
30-Dec-2007, 07:55
All Gepe Pro Release cable releases are long throw as are all Kaiser Cable Releases and all Linhof Cable releases.

30-Dec-2007, 11:24
Hi guys,

Thanks for the information. Now to go hunting up here in Canada! Cheers!

Martin Miksch
30-Dec-2007, 14:57
The longest is from Sinarshutter^^

Michael Graves
10-Jan-2008, 15:45
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I thought this might be of interest. Having been in the market for a cable release, I ordered the Kaiser, based on Bob's recommendation. It came in yesterday, and it didn't take long to draw some conclusions. First of all, I will point out that it indeed does fire my Ilex #4, which require long throw. Now that I've said everything there is good to say about it.......

For $23.95, I kind of expected a quality cable release. The PRO that I paid seven bucks for has a much better feel and is smoother to operate. The locking mechanism is very flaky stick when I don't want it to and it has an unpleasant scraping resistance. All in all, if you're shopping for a new release, I can't say that this is the one you want.

John Kasaian
10-Jan-2008, 17:18
I've had very good service from my Gepes. It took awhile to get used to the Zeiss disc lock but now I prefer them to the tees.